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Rowupdating findcontrol c

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Grid View Row row = (Grid View Row)(((Link Button)e.

Here we use textbox control to display the data, while editing a row in the gridview.4.

In the below gridview I used templatefields to display data and perform gridview operations.

Find Control("txt Name2"), Text Box) txtname3 = CType(row. Text & "')", con) da = New My Sql Data Adapter(cmd) cmd.

Row Updating Try Dim txt Name, txt Name1, txt Name2, txtname3 As New Text Box Dim row As Grid View Row = Grid View1. Find Control("txt Name1"), Text Box) txt Name2 = CType(row.

This code is a bit complex but just add it knowing that we may refer to it in the future.

I am sharing this because I see a lot of questions on the forums on how to get the value from the Grid View object, and I know how.If this post contains any code, I may or may not have tested it.Mainly used when we edit a particular row in the gridview control.First, we have to very be clear in our mind that there are mainly two ways of taking the cell value from the Grid View: This code is for taking the value apart from the Grid View events; that is, any common event using a sender object.But ensure that the control/link is inside the Grid View, only then can we cast sender as Grid View.

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Net while am trying to update the row it was not getting updated. Find Control("txt Name3"), Text Box) 'doupdate(txt Name1, txt Name2, txtname3, txt Name) 'con.

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